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Valentine’s Day in Techno-World


Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the memory of the late martyrdom of Saint Valentine. It is celebrated on 14th of February every year. Before it was celebrated in USA and European countries only but with the advance of technology, media and social networking sites; it is now celebrated all across the globe. Many of us have been celebrating this special day but only some of us know the theory behind it. The popular theory for Valentine’s Day is that Emperor Claudius II wanted to have a big and strong army but the men of Rome did not want to fight in wars because they were married. So, Claud decided to ban marriage for young men so that they would join his force. Bishop Valentine was against this and performed secret weddings for many couples. For this action, Valentine was jailed and executed. After his death, he was named as Saint Valentine because Rome had more Christian then. Before the death of Saint Valentine on February 14, he wrote a letter for his love and signed it quoting “From your Valentine”. So to honor his death and all the things that he had done people started celebrating Valentine’s Day on the date of his death.



Every Valentine’s Day; candy, flowers, cards and gifts are given to loved ones in the name of St. Valentine. This day is considered to be the day to spread love and exchange affectionate Valentine’s Day gifts to one another. This day offer many lovers to express their emotions in many ways. Many people celebrate this day to show appreciation for the people that they love and adore. On this day greetings cards, chocolates, jewellery, other gifts and flowers particularly roses are given to their partners to spread love and show how much they care for them. However, Valentine’s Day is mostly gaining popularity among the young lovers. They are the ones who mostly exchange Valentines’ Day like chocolates and bouquet of roses or cakes and chocolates. No matter how much you express your love with words, a simple gift can say a lot more. So make it special by showing your unconditional and irrevocable love to your partner with a unique Valentine’s Day combo gift.

Pasal Nepal understands your feeling and to help you say what you always wanted; we have come out with the widest range of unique Valentine’s Day combo gift. Now with ease, you can order unique Valentine’s Day combo gift online to melt your partner’s heart and add excitement and joy to your relationship by staying at home. For the day of Valentine’s Day; Pasal Nepal brings you with a diverse range of unique Valentine’s Day combo gift which includes cakes, chocolates, roses, and many more to keep your relationship and partner happy. Our unique Valentine’s Day combo gift collection features free delivery to make your Valentine’s Day shopping more easy and interesting. All you need to do is check our unique Valentine’s Day combo section online to surprise your darling girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband. If it’s your first Valentine’s with your partner then you can do something that fills extraordinary and memorable that fills your partner’s hearth with our unique Valentine’s Day combo gifts. You can also prefer your own gift list and we make sure to deliver it to your loved one. All you need to do is share your gift list with us. Even if you are abroad you can still order our unique Valentine’s Day combo gifts for your partners in Nepal via online.

No matter how far apart we may be, no matter what dreams we may chase after individually, I want you to know that you will always be my first priority. I will always, always love you.

-Lindsay Detwiler

The time has far gone when you have to suffer in someone’s love. Now you can send love and get love even when you are far, far away. Just open our website and remind them what they mean to you, no more excuse.

What should you gift in Dipawali/Tihar?

Dipawali is also known as festival of light. It is the second largest festival in Nepal after Dashain. Most people celebrate Dipawali/Tihar as an important festival all over Nepal. Nepalese celebrate this festival with great importance; no matter where they are in the world. Lights are lit all over the house and the street, and everyone enjoys firework and crackers, to symbolize the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. It also symbolizes the victory of inner light over spiritual darkness. In Tihar, all the house and streets are cleaned, to welcome the god in our home; which is also a symbolization of cleaning the darkness. Tihar is also a constant reminder that we should be thankful for all the good we get. Tihar teaches us to be low to the ground and appreciate the beauty of love we get every day from the god. During tihar, we thank animals like crow, dog, cow and sisters invite their brothers for a sumptuous meal often including their favourite dishes/sweets. But we should learn to value the love and protection we get from them.

During all most all the festivals, there is tradition of giving, thanking and sharing love. In Hindu or say Nepalese community, there is a tradition of acquiring “Dhan” (wealth: gold and silvers) on the day of Dhantheras (Laxmi Puja). This is the day where the goddess Laxmi is thanked for all the wealth and is worshipped. The main part of the Tihar in Nepal is Bhai Tika; on that day the brothers are thanked for the protection and security and are worshipped for their longevity. They are offered Sapta Rangi Tika, gifts and given feast. Brothers give their sister gifts and money as token of love.

It is best that everyone should give gift rather than money. Why so? Because, gift is always valuable. The gift will last longer and will give memories to remember. Gifting someone means you know them and their needs. It is best though to give money if you don’t know the requirement of your sister or you want to help them financially.

Talking about gifts leaves to the question, what should you give? Brothers can give their sisters sarees, lehengha, kurti, watches, or even soft toys. And sister can give their brother shoes, perfume, sunglasses, watches, or even cakes if they are small or wine/whisky if they are elder. Or they can simply select the combo gift offers, we carefully prepared for Tihar from our online shopping portal.

Don’t only light your house and street, light your life and if possible someone’s too. Don’t forget to enjoy your festival with some precaution. Stay safe, Stay blessed.


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Why Online shopping is better than High street shopping?

High street shopping is now out-dated. It is time consuming and in Nepal’s context,  health degrading. The benefit of online shopping is vast. Have you thought of giving up high street shopping? If not, let us give you reasons to do so.

  1.  Better Reviews about the product

Let face it. Everyone has certainly gone to the store and trapped in great dilemma whether to buy the product or not? Because they lack the necessary information about the product. No one is going to invest their hard-earned money on Salesman’s recommendation. Or do they? They may have skills to deploy the product on a buyer but have no true understanding of the product itself. But on online shopping, you can review the product details and specification about the product, buying just the thing you need. No more cheating by the seductive argument of the salesman.

  1. Save your Bargain

If you are a kind of reserved person and hate bargaining, you certainly need friends on the go with you, while shopping. That’s ok if they have nothing to do all day long . You have to follow their command and do whatever they suggest. Or instead,  why not own yourself some space and buy online, saving hack-lot of time following your ingenious friend. This way, you can focus on things you should be focusing.

  1. Convenient and Faster

You are busy all day long and has no time for shopping. Find some 10-15 minutes, search the product you want on pasalnepal, and bang, you are done here. No more  3 hours roaming from shop to shop, just to find the perfect watch you always wanted.

Laptops Available in Nepal
  1. Save Money

There are two things you need to know about price in shopping. Firstly, the more amount shopkeeper pay for renting the shop, the product becomes more costlier. Whereas, in case of online shopping, there is no need for big halls and malls, so the price of the products will automatically go down. Secondly,  to buy a piece of matching cloth you have to travel all over the city, spending money on transport. No need to talk about the cold drink, lunch and ice-cream. So, the efficient way of saving money is to shop online.

  1. Avoid Distraction

Have you ever bought an item you never needed from a shopping mall and not know what to do with it? I know we’ve all done that. No shame on that. It’s just that we are distracted by all the glitters and marketing policies of the Shopkeeper. Now avoid distraction, buy the only thing you need, pay only what you must.

  1. Avoid Crowd and Save Time

Well! If you are in Kathmandu, you must have tested the Jam. Not the ear pleasing, mind mesmerizing  Jam, as in music. But the boring, and unpleasant  Traffic Jam. You will be spending hours on the way to the store and back to the house. And if it’s a busy day, the hours keep on increasing.  Why go to such a lengthy process, find a good online shopping portal and just order the product you require. Spend your time rather productively or watching your favourite series on the TV.

  1. Health Issues

You know how much pollution is going on in Kathmandu. With all the road construction going on, and with all the litters and waste product contributing to the health hazard, is it healthy enough to find your way to shopping?  There are even higher chances of road accident due to the current road situation. So, choose carefully. Stay healthy, shop online.

  1. Surprise Someone with Gifts

Isn’t it hard to surprise your loved one? I know it’s tough, acting just like the regular day and managing all the surprises. Well! It’s got easier. Order your gift or cakes, and forget about it, play cool. We got your back.

Sure, there are benefits of online shopping but beware to buy from the right online shopping portal. Also don’t forget to give review about the quality of product and the service provided by the site, that will help a lot to the new buyers.

Best Online Shopping Site in Nepal

Recently, Online shopping site in Nepal is immersing  like monsoon mushroom confusing many reliable customer. (even though it’s monsoon, we don’t want confused customer).  Even though, there are many online shopping sites, there are questions regarding  service provided, product served and their authenticity. Online shopping is based on you-get-what-you-see theory. But in many cases, the customer has been deceived and did not get what they see. Many case can be found where a customer get what was totally different from what s/he see in the site. If we cannot solve this problem, then the customer will be distracted from the online shopping concept. Even though, online shopping have facilitated and aid on  shaping today’s world, customer will be forced to move to the tradition method of shopping or move to more reliable, established foreign online shopping  sites. So, which is the best online shopping site in Nepal that a customer can trust? Well, that will be pasalnepal. Question may arise why pasalnepal, while there are older site like Kaymu, hamrobazzar, nepbay,etc . Well! Let us tell you Why:

  1. Genuine product with the best price: You are an aware-customer, so we hope you compare prices  in different sites. The product we sell are the genuine product. But if you compare the price we offer, you will be surprised that the price are lower than many online sites. Well! Let us tell that, we have allocated only little  profit to maximize our  promotion and that this offer will be soon gone.
  2. Minimum response time








  1. Deliver Love: We deliver product in your doorstep all over Kathmandu Valley. We deliver cakes and flower, so surprise your loved ones. Build up the bond even stronger. Services such as COD (cash on delivery), exchange within 2 days  are available.
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Upto 40,000 off on Laptops

PC aka. personal computer is old and un-versatile. So, everyone owes a mobile phone nowadays. The craze has shifted to laptop lately. Why? Well, there are many reason for it. Firstly, it is portable like mobile phone and has more speed and power. It is a middle line between desktop and mobile; fusion of mobile’s portability with speed and power of a computer. Secondly, it is a boon for developing country like Nepal, for it can back you up with the power supply; while you want to hike upto the hill and still want to do your work in the peaceful environment. Thirdly, the ultimate power of PC. With the shrinking size of laptop, there is no adverse effect in your productivity. You can run you home and office work smoothly, even better. With the laptop, you can create, design and refine all you work quicker and easier. And lastly, it’s your buddy. Is your day wrecked? Have you just have a fight with your spouse? You know what I mean, everyone has a bad day. Load a brilliant movie or listen to your favourite music in full sound, the hang-over will disappear just like that. If you have a beast computer, invite some friends and kill the time playing Call of Duty. Have fun. Laptops are not just devices or gadgets, they have been linked as a basic things nowadays. So, own your buddy. When you own your buddy, try to own a better and a powerful one because it’s gonna be with you a long time.


To help you out with this problem, we have your back. We are selling laptops of different brands giving you full choice. We are giving upto 40,000 discount on the laptops we’ve got. So hurry up and choose your best buddy. If you are a developer, a designer or a serious player, don’t forget to buy the laptop with more RAM and Graphics. Check our other products on pasalnepal site.


Shopping Online Women’s Traditional Clothes in Nepal

Nepal is a home to a different kinds of religious, ethnic group and race people. They have their own  lifestyle and costumes.  Clothing in Nepal also depends highly on the category of ages. Western tradition has a great role in disappearance of Nepal’s traditional clothes and costumes.  Western clothes have invaded our traditional clothes. Many youngster love to wear the western dresses and clothes. But, the  passion for sarees, kurti and lehenghas are not over yet. Slight modification and designed traditional clothes have made great fans all over again. Thanks to designer’s touch on sarees and kurti, that have saved the traditional clothes.

         The demand of modified and designed traditional clothes have so boomed that it’s price has gone rocket high over few years.  If you are willing to buy some traditional clothes then better search it online in pasalnepal and if you like the design go for it. Every women should have one of these. Why? Because it is an asset of party. A dress code of maturity. So have you thought about getting one?

lengha final

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